Go Green with Curly & Spike

Curly & Spike is dedicated to producing the best quality merchandise at a great price, while keeping in mind the affects on our environment. The company has adopted new methods and technologies to create an eco-friendly workplace and provide environmentally safe products.

Renewable Energy

100% of all power used at Curly & Spike comes from renewable energy provided by the Los Angeles DWP, as part of the "Green Power for a Green LA" progam.

Recycle and Reuse Paper and Cardboard

Old t-shirt boxes that cannot be reused for shipping are recycled at the Sun Valley Paper Stock Company in Sun Valley, CA. Customer invoices are emailed to avoid unnecessary use of paper, and any old copy paper is reused as much as possible in the form of skratch paper, reused fax paper, test prints, and shipping labels.

Power Conservation

Each day we power down equipment that is not in use. On weekends and holidays, electronic equipment not required to be on are powered down and unplugged to prevent unnecessary power usage.

Recycled Ink and Toner Cartridges

All toners and ink jet cartridges used by Curly & Spike are not simply thrown away when empty, but sent back to the manufacturer to be recycled properly.

Energy Star Electronics

Most of the electronics used in our office are Energy Star approved (phones, computer monitors, and printers). We always prefer Energy Star approved products when new equipment is purchased.

Old Garments... Recycled and Reused

Unused t-shirts, hats, and hoodies are donated to non-profit organizations, like Walden House where garments are distributed to help others in need. Any garments not suitable for donation are used and reused for test prints and rags.

Eco-Friendly Products

Most name brand t-shirt manufacturers now offer eco-friendly garments and totes. Made from 100% organic cotton or 50% recycled materials, these t-shirts and totes have less impact on the environment. The cost is a bit higher, but cost will come down as the demand for these products increase.

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