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How To Effectively Advertise Your Business With
Promotional Items.

By Patrick Chakmakchian • Curly & Spike
How To Advertise Your Business
How To Effectively Advertise Your Business With
Promotional Items.
Advertising is one of the hardest and most costly activities a business can undertake. However, having a large advertising
budget and using mainstream media doesn’t always guaranty success. The only way an ad campaign can effectively work is
if someone sees your ad and is so compelled that as a result they buy from you. This is hard to pull off. People need to see
your company logo on everything, all the time, then and only then they might consider buying from you (no joke). In the next
few paragraphs I’ll demonstrate highly effective ways to promote and advertise your business by using promotional items
like, custom t-shirts, hats, bags, buttons, and a host of other products. If you follow these steps you could save
thousands of dollars in advertising and gain new customers.
So let’s get started.

Use Innovative Promotional Items, Not Just Keychains or Pens.

Let’s face it, most businesses give away junk as promotional items. Why do you want your logo on something that will end up
in the trash? What does that say about your company? Don’t get me wrong, keychains, clocks, pens, paper weights and
picture frames are good promotional items, but they are not effective marketing tools. If you really what to get your client’s
attention, a keychain won’t cut it. Think bigger, but don’t spend that way. Use items that are new or unique to get people
talking. New or unique promotional items don’t have to cost a lot of money if you do a little digging. The best way to approach
it is this: choose items that don’t bore people. That sounds so simple, but so many businesses get it wrong. They might give a
new customer a pen or a calendar. Good, but not good enough. Here are some fun and unique promotional items to consider:

Mint Tins

Mouse Pads

(That advertises your logo in the sand.)

Tote Bags


Guitar Picks


Trucker Hats

Glass Mugs / Shot Glasses

Buttons / Pins




T-Shirts Are Walking Billboards. Use Them.

T-Shirts are very powerful promotional items. T-Shirts are worn and seen by everyone, all the time. Now you’re probably
thinking how in the world are t-shirts so great when it comes to promotional items? I’ll tell you. When someone wears your
company’s t-shirt (and people always wear a free t-shirt), everyone they come in contact with will see your company name
and logo. If you give someone a t-shirt and they go to the store, people will see that t-shirt. They go to the gym, people
see that t-shirt. If they take a walk… you get the picture. I was wearing my company t-shirt and I saw a man reading
aloud the company name right in front of me as he was walking by. Now that’s effective marketing. T-Shirts will help your
business grow and spread the word. When it comes to price per unit and how many people will see it, it’s much cheaper than
conventional advertising. One last thing, when you periodicly give a t-shirt away to a new or perspective customer, you start
a new relationship and that’s vital to the success of your business.

"… and all I got was this lousy…?"

Give them something they would love to have. Don’t spend a lot, but something nice goes a long way. And also, never forget
to brand your company logo on it. That’s the whole point. If you give someone something they really like, chances are they’ll
always use it and that’s what you want to see: your new customer using a product with your logo on it again and again. One
thing to remember, don’t buy cheap electronics. They always tend to break and your customers might assume that your
business is also faulty. The promotional items you choose will say a lot about your company, so take some time to pick the
right ones. You don’t always have to get a high ticket item. If you buy fewer promotional items but at a higher quality you’re
better off than buying a lot of smaller cheaper items. But, if you find something that’s good quality and cheap (price per unit
not quality) take advantage of that opportunity.

"Wow, remember the time we got…"

Promotional items are great advertising tools. But what’s even more important is how the items get into a customer’s hands.
Always use a memorable way of distribution. If you’re sending a promotional item to someone, the packaging is the first
thing they’ll see. Don’t just stick it in box, put your logo on the box or use your company colors in the packaging. These
small details will get noticed by your customers. Write a personal note and sign it. Or, use other promotional items to wrap
the item. Example: if you’re sending someone an mp3 player (with your logo on it, of course) wrap that mp3 player with a
t-shirt instead of using packing popcorn. This can be tricky so use good taste. Just remember not to go over board.

In closing:

Pick unique promotional items (something new and fresh).

Use items that can be seen over and over, like T-Shirts or Hats.

Give them something they can use and they would love to have.

Don’t forget a memorable way of distribution. Think about the packaging.

Give it some time, don’t go over board, and pick the right products.

And most important: never forget to brand it with your logo.

If you have any questions about the topics discussed, feel free to send me an email at :

Good luck!

Patrick Chakmakchian
Curly & Spike
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